June 19 - 22, 2006, Victoria, B.C.

Organized by the International People’s Initiative for Departments of Peace

Hosted by the Working Group for a Federal Department of Peace-Canada

Background: The second Summit is strategically situated to follow a similar meeting held in London, England, of national groups seeking Ministries for Peace / Departments of Peace (MfPs / DoPs), Oct. 18,19, 2005, and immediately precedes the World Peace Forum in Vancouver, June 23-28, 2006.

The Working Group has made progress towards achieving our goal in Canada and these three events will greatly accelerate the outcome of creating a Department of Peace in Canada. Working internationally with companion groups in the US, the UK, Australia, Japan, Italy and elsewhere increases the probability that one of these countries will create a Mfp / DoP with the others hopefully following suit.
Objective: To move the agenda forward towards creating departments of peace by focussing on strategies, tactics, timetables, and the identification of key players to advance this outcome and to capitalize upon the opportunity presented by the World Peace Forum(WPF) immediately following, June 23-28.

Outcomes: Upon completion of the Summit, a concrete strategic plan will have been created that we, in Canada, will be able to utilize to advance our agenda, as well as a more generalized template for all nations to move toward creating departments of peace.

Design: The seminar will be by invitation to not more than 60 people with interest and expertise in this area. The invitees will represent a mixture of civil society organizations, academics and parliamentarians. A public event for the Greater Victoria community is also planned.

Schedule and Locations:

Training: June 19, 20, at Days Waterway Hotel. Led by Kai Brand-Jacobsen of TRANSCEND and entitled: Best Practices and Key Developments in the Peace Field.

Summit: June 21, 22, at Royal Roads University

Note: The Summit is by invitation to accommodate the maximum number of countries. Interested persons should contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information.