We wish you all a Happy New Year and may PEACE FIRST  become the slogan for 2007.

We are  delighted to welcome aboard our Student member Elisa Dari to the Youth  Group and she has already participated in her first Youth Group Call in December. She is starting to create a Youth Group in Italy

Whilst we are planning behind the scenes for 2007 we would like to bring to your attention two important Conferences held at the end of 2006 to which we were invited:


This was co.hosted by Israelis and Palistinians. The 'HINDU' published an article on the Conference which sums up very well the general content of the Conference:

Two hundred Israelis and Palestinians engage each other in a refreshing climate of openness and honesty in the Turkish Mediterranean resort of Antalya.

EVEN as human chains were forming in Gaza to protect people from Israeli fire, an unusual sight was to be seen in the lobby of the five star Porto Bello hotel in the Turkish Mediterranean resort of Antalya. Some 200 Israelis and Palestinians arrived by a chartered flight for a four-day conference on peace education, in a bid to listen to each other's stories and to dialogue, discuss and ultimately find ways to end the senseless conflict that has been unleashed on all the inhabitants of that beautiful land for almost a century now. 

Click Here to Read The Full Article .

 2. GLOBAL SYMPOSIUM "Towards a New World  Civilization and The 7th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF CHIEF JUSTICES OF THE WORLD  Lucknow, India 8 .11 December 2006 

Organized by the World Unity & Peace Education Department of  the City Montessori School, where the Conference also took place.


The World Judiciary at the Summit  and other Judges representing their Chief Justices came from over 70 different countries and the  foreign  200 participants at the Global Symposium came from 90 different countries .


At the end of the Conference  the Chief Justices  issued  the following Declaration:

We, the Judges assembled at the 7th International Conferences of Chief Justices of the World held at Lucknow, India, having considered the appeal by the 31.000 children of City Montessori School - on their own and on behalf of the world's children - for a safe and protected envirnment and a peaceful world governed by international law, hereby resolve and declare as follows: 
  • That peace education should be given proper importance in educational curricula throughout the world.
  • That a steady and consistent effort be undertaken in each jurisdiction to increase the level of awareness and information about international law in the legal training of lawyers and judges and in continuing judicial education to this end.
  • That each member of the judiciary here present undertakes to communicate this resolution to the judicial organizations to which he or she belongs, whether domestic, regional or international.
  • To take effective action whenever the occasion arises to protect and promote the best interests of children, giving full effect to all applicable principles of domestic and international law.
  • To disseminate this resolution as well as the objectives of the present conference.
Signed by the Judges from countries.
The Lucknow Declaration 

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The Particants at the Conference issued the following  Declaration:



My workshop was about the importance of  movement with music and art in  helping very small children disolve some of their psychological trauma  held in the body  together with  the importance of listening and being heard.



My workshop was about rollplaying peacebuilding skills for young children and a short presentation of Ministries for eace/Departments of Peace.  Needless to say three countries showed interest.