It's the festive season and Conflict Resolution Network’s Thought for the Month is about the power of forgiveness. At this time of goodwill, you might want to take a moment to consider if there is something you are holding against another person. Are you willing to forgive them for that?

You may still be too angry or upset to really wipe the slate clean, but perhaps you can take a first step – to notice that at least you are willing to become willing to forgive. You may decide to discuss the problem with that person or choose not to.

Either way, the moment you make any inroads into releasing yourself from anger or resentment, something will shift. You almost always find yourself happier and somehow lighter. While there’s no guarantee, it may even free the other person to change too.

Our book, Everyone Can Win , suggests that “Forgiving is a shift in attitude that arises from yourself, an inner shift that comes from the heart.” (p.145)