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Are you sometimes dealing with a ‘difficult’ person who doesn’t seem to be on your wavelength at all?

Challenge yourself! Show your appreciation of them whenever you can. Build some real connection - perhaps through a shared interest. Find what you can praise that they do well. Become a source for them of positive emotions.

Nourish their core needs for appreciation, connection and sense of purpose and you’ll build their co-operation. Read more on this in our Conflict Resolution text, Everyone Can Win (p.136-7).

This topic resonates with the 2008 campaign at the Conflict Resolution Network : Towards a Culture of Non-Violence. In essence, it's about being non-violent in thought, word and deed at all levels of relating - personal, community, and between nations. It means treating all people - even those we don't happen to like very much - with fairness, justice and fundamental respect.
This article comes with the kind permission of the Australian Network of Conflict Resolution , to whom we extend our thanks/gratitude.