A Ministry for Peace for Italy To Implement a Culture Of Peace

Drawing inspiration from the Ministry for Peace initiatives in Australia, Canada, UK, Japan and US, the proposed Minister would hold PEACE as an organizing principle in our Society and we would identify the following objectives as being part of the Minister's mandate:

  1. Promote the role of Italy as a European and Global Peacemaker/Peacebuilder developing new approaches to conflict prevention and the transformation of conflicts by peaceful means, at home and abroad.
  2. Foster a Culture of Peace through education at all levels of school/University and society in general by introducing training programmes in creating DIALOGUE, conflict prevention, and conflict transformation skills.
  3. Promote RESPECT for all Human Rights by distributing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights at all levels of society - which includes access to clean water - and fully implementing international instruments on Human Rights.
  4. Ensure equality between men and women in social, economic and political decision making. Eliminate all forms of violence against women in crisis situations resulting from war and other forms of violence at home and in society.
  5. Ensure greater involvement of women (art.1325) in conflict prevention and transformation.
  6. Promote international peace through actions such as the promotion of HUMAN SECURITY, the promotion of disarmament and the strengthening of non military means of peacemaking.
  7. Promote dialogue among civilisations, actions in favour of vulnerable groups, immigrants, refugees, displaced persons, stateless people and traditional groups. Promoting respect for religious and cultural diversity.
  8. Target the eradication of poverty, focusing on the special needs of women and children, working towards environmental sustainability, fostering national and international co-operation to reduce economic and social inequalities.
  9. Facilitate the development of peace and reconciliation initiatives and encourage the development of peacebuilding programs in local communities.
  10.   Support for independent media in the promotion of a Culture of Peace, create measures to address the reporting of violence in the media, share knowledge and information through new technologies.

Given the recent escalation of conflict at home, in the media, in politics and across the world today, we are convinced that this is an idea whose time has come and we are committed to carrying this project forward together with our international colleagues everywhere.